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I'm a white pansexual dude.
I support feminism and communism.
I have a face.

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Apr 2 '13

wait no but this is literally something i’ve been wondering for forever

what “rights” are the men’s rights movement fighting for? what rights do men NOT have?

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    1) The draft may not be used to its end effect currently but men in the US are still FORCED to sign up for it lest they...
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    i haven’t had sex with anyone ever so try again
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    The right to pick a woman to have sex with without her consent. The right to buy people as slaves.
  13. gzer0x said: mostly things whic are a result from patriarchy like “cant be feminine” or “has to be polite” “people judge me as ____”
  14. siegmunds said: those kerazee feminazis are obviously impinging on their right to treat women like objects (lol gb2 kitchen wimminz etc)